Gearing up for Metaverse U

We have prepared an awesome presentation for Metaverse U at Stanford (link)

I generally tend to get pretty nervous at presentations like this, but I think this one will be different. The Wikitecture concept is a treat to demo. It is a pretty profound concept, and it doesn’t take much to illustrate its potential and future implications. In the simplest sense, we’ve created a 3D Wiki, only its so much more! In much the same way Wikipedia enables a loose, self-organizing network of contributors to collaborate on content creation, Studio Wikitecture has been experimenting with ways to bring together a diverse and geographically disperse community of individuals to create an architecturally noteworthy design that, in the end, is more than the sum of its parts. If you haven’t seen the YouTube demo of the Wiki-tree, check it out HERE.

We are currently wrapping up work on our third Wikitecture experiment, to design a telecomm center for a village in rural Nepal as part of the Open Architecture Challenge. I have been blown away by the magnitude and quality of the community’s design and research contributions to the project and really look forward to summarizing it in machinima and other formats to show the rest of the world how this all works. It goes without saying, but I’m also very optimistic that we might actually win this competition too.

Imagine that!


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