OMG, My Baby is a Sheep!

The day started like any other. Our morning routine commenced with baths and bottles and, of course, a diaper change for our precious little 4-month old Juliana.

Just as I was buttoning her up after this morning’s change, something caught my eye. I could hardly catch my breath when I noticed that she was wearing what appeared to be the Electric Sheep Company logo on her socks! Logical reasoning led me to believe that she must have either been recruited by the Sheep, or was hired to spy on my work in Second Life. What else could it possibly be? Coincidence? I think not.

It really pains me to think of all the time I wasted training her tiny little fingers to rez prims as she slouched and drooled all over my keyboard. I did my best to keep her focused on billable work, but every time I turned around she was building a doll house, or trying to crawl away from the computer. I can only assume that the Sheep must be building a top secret virtual kiddie-world for 4 month old babies, and Juliana had the skillz they needed.

I tried to confront her about this, to which she replied with a blank stare, “ga ga go goo, bbphhttshhh, ga go ga ga!” [decoded translation: “Can I watch CSI tonight?”]

What’s next – a Millions of Us royal blue jumpsuit? 😉

[UPDATE: My wife informed me that my cousin actually bought those socks for her as a baby shower gift… So, its actually worse than I thought. Not only has Juliana been recruited, but her own cousin was the insider doing the dirty work!]


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