A Cross-Regional Solar System in Second Life?

Upon opening the new Wikisonic installation, there have been some fascinating discussions generated, including a very interesting one this morning between Malburns Writer, Farnham Farrjones and myself. We had been discussing the fact that Wikisonic somehow evokes the idea of ‘Musica universalis‘.

One thing led to another, and we started to discuss the possibility of a sim-side solar system installation in SL. The trouble would be though, that planets at that scale would still be very tiny. But, then we wondered if perpaps the planets could travel across region boundaries – circling a central ‘sun’ sim that contains educational materials, etc. – whereby the planets slowly and constantly move in their respective paths across many sims.

Perhaps it isn’t technologically or logistically feasible It could be quite interesting, perhaps even viral – with people noticing that, say, Neptune happens to be passing over their parcel that day.

So, there you have it… open source conceptualization – can it be done? Anyone want to build it? Help build it? Know of better ways to realize it? Have money to fund it?

[update: if it were all on a timer – and mapped out – the planets wouldn’t necessarily have to cross regions – they could just be little rezzers that are timed to know when they need to rez the planet on that side – with a ‘kill’ script on the other side – so when it reaches its destination at the region boundary, it dies and the new one rezzes.

but really – do they even need to move? maybe its just a static installation? the movement would be so sublte anyway. then you wouldn’t have to worry about parcel permissions, etc. – you could just purchase the parcels where they’re needed, and leave the planets there full-time?

[another update: Maybe the Sun would be big enough to have events inside – a classroom, a club? Maybe each planet has a platform to support educational activities? Each planet could have a mini-solar system nearby with teleport scripts (or landmarks) to the other planets. With planet-parcels located throughout the grid – some could be located in higher traffic regions, which would then feed back to the rest of the installation. Perhaps the parcels all shift every so often, to new regions – to continue generating interest and traffic – and further reinforcing their ‘motion’ through the system.]

One more update, and I’m making a Wiki 😉


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