Toward a User-Generated Second Life PR Department

Here’s another over-caffeinated Twitter outburst, for whatever its worth:

more than 50% of the Second Life headlines are about that divorce story. Cuz, y’know – those are the stories that fully characterize SL
maybe we need a group, “Second Life Innovation to the Press” – where we find the best work, and start sending out vollies of press releases
everything else that matters about SL was user-generated, and so too has the best PR to date. Lets just make it more concerted
when I think of it, we’ve already got so many great writers out there blogging about SL
lets find the top 5 community generated press-worthy stories – built by people who don’t mind the attention
Then we solicit 5 of the best bloggers to write press releases – and post them to wikis, invite revisions and additions, then send them out!
we also provide workshops for those who want to spread the word about their Second Life activity to local press – grassroots PR
better yet, we get Linden Lab to sponsor and fund the group, and send top level PR staffers to help advise the group


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