What’s on the boards?

fwiw, here’s the list straight off my white board.  While there are a few potential projects out there to pick up in the weeks ahead, I am actively seeking new work to start on toward the middle of May to fill up a full time schedule.  As the real-world practice falls to pieces in this economy, I’m sincerely glad the virtual practice is strong and getting stronger!

It is kind of disappointing that almost none of my virtual world work is local, though perhaps it doesn’t matter.  For example, I have tried every possible direction to engage University of Wisconsin-Madison in their virtual world work, but I can’t find a way in!  They’re right in my backyard, yet they’re outsourcing their work while I contract all over the world with other organizations who need the same kind of work.   I realized yesterday that by day’s end, I had spoken with people in New York, Chicago, Washington D.C., Amsterdam, India, Australia, Canada, and Egypt.  Skype, ftw! 😉

Here’s what’s on the boards:

  • Remedy: Metanomics event space – almost done!  Season kick-off will be with Mark Kingdon, CEO of Linden Lab, May 6th at 1:00 p.m. SLT (PST).  Here’s how it turned out.  Remedy was truly a dream team to work with!
  • OpenSim education-related project, under NDA.  First draft conceptual design approved, next round presented first week of May.
  • OpenSim training-related, not under NDA but private.  Tweaking layout, revising 1 of the buildings, polishing and completing the rest – first weeks of May.
  • Studio Wikitecture:  getting closer to the Joint Development Agreement with i3D, looking at the earliest proof-of-concepts for version 2.0 of the 3D-Wiki tool (the Wiki-Tree).  Preparing a big pitch to deliver late May.  Looking for programmers to help us support the first version Wiki-tree – JIC we get a new project to use it on.
  • The ARCH Network : new site (finally!) completed, adding land rentals and training as a core offering.  starting to market the new site.
  • Virtual Project Spaces: land rentals for architects and AEC-industry professionals.  the spaces in Second Life are booked, so I’m thinking of adding a new simulator.  Adding new sims powered by Visibuild on the new Architecture grid, and starting to rent parcels out to firms and educators who want an early start in a great new technology (import 3D models, finally!)
  • University of Alabama: ongoing consulting/retainer – importing campus icons from SketchUp into the architecture grid.  Added chimes sound and a new sign for Denny Chimes (click to play the chimes).  Took some new screenshots yesterday.  Signing up for a new summer retainer, and seeking grants for summer work.
  • Responding to 3 inquiries from architecture schools re: teaching in virtual worlds.  1 is on board, 1 is getting closer, 1 is getting farther.
  • Building a hub for the architecture groups in both Second Life and the architecture grid.  Hope to be having a meeting 2nd week of May.
  • New addition project to a Victorian home near downtown Madison starting construction June 1st!  These were some of the coolest clients I’ve ever worked with.
  • New home design west of Madison (hopefully) starting construction early June.  Another great client – turning from clients into friends.
  • Thinking about having a booth at MREA this year, but not sure it is worth it in this economy.

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